* All weather operation
* Full blackout in less that 2 seconds
* Adaptable to many fixures; round or rectangle
* Custom sizes available
* Analog or DMX controllable
* Daisy-chainable
* Low voltage activation and control
* Remote power supply and controller
* Simple two-wire operation
* Low maintenance
* Rugged design; long life
* Can coupled with a color changer
* Aluminum construction with poder coat paint finish


* Outdoor Sports Arenas
* Outdoor Theatre
* Architectural Lighting
* Motion Picture Production
* Security Applications


* Color changer mount
* Custom fixture mount
* Light shield
* Barn doors
* 220 volt operation



Weatherproof Motorized
Blackout Shutter

The new Phoebus Weatherproof Motorized Blackout Shutter is designed to provide full blackout for 1000 watt metal halide or xenon exterior luminaries or other similar fixtures.

The WMBS-20 shutter can be remotely controlled via either analog or DMX-512 control. The system operates on either 120, 220 or 277 volt AC input controlling the shutters via a 24 volt DC two wire control/power signal.

The WMBS-20 shutter can be combined with a color scroller and mounted to a variety of lighting fixtures.

The responsive smooth, chatterless 2 second movement of the shutter enables an operator to create and remotely control lighting effects for theatre, sports events, rock concerts and motion picture production.

Phoebus has the ability to build custom units to interface with a wide variety of fixture sizes, shapes and applications.

Model Number
WMBS-20 Phoebus Weatherproof Motorized Blackout Shutter
Fixture Version 1000 Watt Metal Halide or Xenon Fixture
Overall Size 26.5" wide by 18" high by 4-3/8" deep
Fixture Connection A ventilated mounting baffle attaches the WMBS-20 to the fixture. The baffle provides an air gap between the shutter and fixture providing ventilation and minimizing light leaks.
Glass Front and rear facings of the shutter are heat-resistant tempered glass
Weatherproofing The removable front glass face frame is sealed via heavy duty gaskets. The unit is completely sealed except for weep holes in the bottom of the unit to drain any moisture caused by condensation.
Configuration 8 vertical alluminum shutter blades with internally mounted motor and electrical components
Light Shield Options Custom barn doors and lgiht shields attach to shutter face frame
Accessories Color changer mount available
Connections Chassis mounted weatherproof two-wire connector for 24 volt DC control and power
Construction Aluminum housing with aluminum and stainless steal components
Default Unit can be set to default to either open or closed (dark) position
Operating Voltage 24 volt DC
Max. Fixture Wattage 1000 watts
Power Supply Remote power unit for control signal and activation
Power Supply Input Voltage 120, 220 or 277 volts AC
Finish Powder coated baked finish; white, black or custom color
Certification ETL approved
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2800 Third Street, San Francisco CA 94107 USA

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