* 35 watt K3 HID lamp
up to 3500 lumens

* Rechargeable battery Lithium-Ion battery good for over 500 charges

* 55 minute run time.

* Long lamp life
up to 3000 hours

* 7000° Kelvin
color temperature

* Hard anodized lightweight aluminum CNC machined body

*Direct Charge with KN-AC or KN-DC charger
No need to remove battery to charge.

*Water resistant

*Adjustable beam


* SKB Waterproof Case
Four sizes of high impact plastic cases for storing tactical flashlights and accessories.

* KN-DC car charger

* K3 Tactical holster

* Red, IR, and UV filters

* K3 35 watt lamp

* Shock absorbers




Warrior-III HID Flashlight

The Microfire Warrior III HID tactical flashlight, at 35 watts is the big daddy of portable HID (high intensity discharge) technology. The Warrior III's amazing 3500 lumen output is among the brightest available in a hand held flashlight format. Ideal for military, police or search and rescue ops where long range illumination is required

The MicroFire Warrior-III HID flashlight represents the top of the line in hand-held HID flashlight technology. Using a 35 watt HID lamp and powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with a miniaturized electronic ballast, the Warrior-III produces up to 3500 lumens of extremely bright white light capable of illuminating subjects up to 800 yards distant. Physically larger than the other Warrior models, the W-III features a focusable beam of intense white light with a spread adjustment from 15°-24°. Body and lamp housings are CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum with a black, hard anodized finish and non-slip hand holds. Optional rubber shock absorbers will protect the Warrior III from damage if dropped onto a hard surface.
KN-AC Direct charger included. No need to remove battery from lamp head to charge.
Super high intensity 35 watt HID lamp
MSRP: PK-3500R $538.00
K-3 Tactical Holster included with the Warrior III.
Variable Focus. Rotate bezel to adjust the beam angle between 15°-24°

Warrior-III Specifications

Length - 10"

Lamp - K3 HID

Bezel Diameter - 3"

Color Temperature - 7000K

Weight - 28.2 oz.

Lumens - 3500

Output - 35 watt

Lamp Life - up to 3000 hours

Effective Range - 800 yards

Run time per charge - 55 minutes

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