*Aircraft Grade Aluminum body and parts

*HRC50-60 hard anodizing throughout

*Rescue Convertible model works with one Lithium CR123A or two AA type batteries

*Water resistant

*Rear mounted on/off switch

*Heavy duty spring clip for attachment to cap visor or anchor point

*LEDs by industry leading CREE and Luxeon.

*3 hour burn time.

*More than 10,000 hours LED life

We include with and recommend the use of environmentally friendly mercury free batteries.

Fast Holsters

Fast Holster 6

Rotating Fast Holster 4

Rotating Fast Holster 14


Rescue Flashlight family
Rescue™ Convertible Flashlight
Rescue 3 Combat Tactical Flashlight
PK-05-2CR123 Specifications Length Bezel Weight Lumens
3 Watt Luxeon LED 5.4" 1.4" 6.1 oz 75

RTC-1.5 Specifications Length Bezel Weight Lumens
1.5 Watt CREE Q2 XRE LED with 1 CR123A 3.7" 1.1" 2.8 oz 90
1.5 Watt CREE Q2 XRE LED with 2 AA 6.3" 1.1" 5.6 oz 75
The Rescue™ Convertible 1.5 watt CREE LED flashlight comes with a body extender for use with either one CR123A or two AA type batteries (included).
Phoebus Tactical Rescue™ LED flashlights are designed for rough use, with Type III military grade hard anodized aluminum bodies to resist scratching or damage from impact. Models include the Rescue XL, The Rescue Convertible, Rescue Combat and the RHL-4 and RHL-5 headlamps. Rescue flashlights produce a flawless white beam, good for more than 10,000 hours of reliable service. These tactical flashlights are water resistant and shower proof. Rear mounted on/off switch, long battery life and heavy duty clip for attachment to cap brim or tactical vest make them ideal companions for night time duty.
The Rescue Combat tactical light has a crenelated strike bezel for defense. It operates on two CR123A batteries.

Rescue™ XL Flashlight
The Rescue™ XL is an awesomely bright, five mode tactical flashlight using the latest CREE XM-L LED.
Modes are selected by rotating a ring in the tail cap switch. With cap rotated fully counter-clockwise, the switch is locked off to guard against accidental activation. Rotating clockwise selects a variable brightness mode, from 5% to 85% brightness. The circuitry remembers the last brightness setting and will return to that setting when re-activated.
The next selection is firefly (1 lumen) mode, then momentary strobe and momentary full. This Rescue will run on either a rechargeable 18650 type battery or two CR123A types. Full power produces 1000 LED lumens for one minute, switching to 750 after that. An IPX-8 waterproof rating means the Rescue™ XL can be submerged up to 5 feet for thirty minutes without damage. Shock damping front and rear make it ideal for weapon mounting. Two CR123A batteries, a belt pouch and lanyard are included.
PR-XL Specifications Length Bezel Weight Lumens
3 Watt CREE XML LED 6.5" 1 3/8" 7.5 oz 750
Rescue XL with Fast Holster 6
The Rescue XL tactical light shown with a Fast Holster 6 with 37mm bezel ring.
Rotating ring on the tailcap of the Rescue XL used to choose from 5 modes of operation.

Download Rescue XL LED Tactical Flashlights pdf

Download Rescue 3 and Rescue Convertible LED Tactical Flashlights pdf

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