Spectrum multi-color LED flashlights for camping, csi, and other activities where blue, green or red light is desired.

High End HID
& LED Tactical Flashlights


Now with high bightness (840 lumen) CREE XM-L LEDs 3 models available:
Explorer I & II rechargeables
Explorer III CR-123 non-rechargeable

Horizon G2
35watt HID super high output hand held Searchlight.

Warrior III
H35 watt HID powerhouse for professional use


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Batteries Included!
We include with and recommend the use of environmentally friendly mercury free batteries.

Vinergy AA

Evergreen CR-123

Spectrum MultiColor LED Flashlights

Spectrum 2 Convertible
Blue, White, Red LEDs
The SPECTRUM 2 Convertible flashlight is a high brightness 1.5 watt multi-color LED flashlight is designed applications where white light illumination may not desired. The 1 single chip LED has blue, white and red emitters. A four position tail-mounted switch steps through each color and "off". The Spectrum 2's body is aircraft grade aluminum, finished with a handsome bright nickel finish. This flashlight can be run on either a single CR123A battery or, by adding the body extender, on two AA batteries. Run time is up to 3 hours. Spectrum 2 comes complete with gift box, a wrist lanyard, a CR123A battery and two AA batteries.
Spectrum 2 in short configuration using one CR123A battery
The Spectrum comes complete with a body extender and both types of batteries

MSRP: PS2-3C/RBW $70.00

Length - 3 5/8" or 6 1/4" with extender

Lamp - 1.5 watt multicolor LED

Bezel Diameter - 1 1/4"

Color Temperature - NA

Weight - 2 1/4 oz. or 3 oz. with extender

Beam - Fixed

Housing - Aluminum 6061-T6

Lamp Life - 100,000 hours

Effective Range - 30 yards

Rechargeable - NA

Current - NA Run Time - 3 hours

Download Spectrum 2 RBW Multi Color pdf

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