• Nickel based rhodium-plated reflector
• 1KW, 2KW, 4KW xenon light source (lamp included)
• 6
000K (Kelvin color
• Available in 208, 220, 380, and 415 volt magnetic ballasts.
• Auto-Strike ignition
• Safety shut-down system
• Motorized focus available
• Weather resistant ballast enclosure
• Custom versions and mountings by special order.





The Silverbeam Security Searchlight System is a high intensity searchlight designed for correctional, homeland security and military applications where reliable performance is critical.

When maximum beam power is called for, the PSL-14/2K delivers 13,700 footcandles at 100 feet. The pan and tilt yoke mount combined with a motorized external focus adjustment switch allows the operator to spot or flood their target within seconds. Specifically designed for year round outdoor use, its weather tight lamp house is constructed of rust proof aluminum and powder coated to withstand the severest of outdoor conditions. Manufactured with space age technology throughout, the Silverbeam Security Searchlight system can be expected to operate with outstanding efficiency over the course of its lifetime, making it the ideal luminaire for critical security applications. With its 2000 hour lamp life, the 2KW model delivers up to 55,000 foot candles of output. The 4KW lamps rate a maximum of 70,000 foot candle output over a 500-1000 hour lamp life. All lamps maintain a stable 6000K color temperature from 208, 220, 380, or 415 volt power.

Leading the way, Built with the quality craftsmanship you expect from a 25 year leader in special event lighting, Phoebus' Silverbeam Security Searchlight system offers reliability, affordability, and years of dependable service.

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1kw photometrics
2kw photometrics
4kw photometrics

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