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Rental Dept. News

Phoebus Lighting has added James Thomas Engineering's Pixel Arc R, the Pixel Brick to their rental stock. Each state of the art LED fixture has high output Red Blue Green and Amber LEDs. Power supplies with on-board effects can be used as stand alone controllers, or with an external DMX control desk. Contact our Rental Dept. for details!


Headline Events

Phoebus Lighting has designed and installed lighting in a wide range of San Francisco venues. Our experience and knowledge help to make your event memorable.

Rainforest Action Network
Phoebus designer Michael Garrett worked with Winslow and Associates to create lighting and projections for the Gala Reception at the 2008 Macy's Passport Fashion show at San Francisco's Ft. Mason. The gallery styled reception featured the work of artist Keith Haring.

Photos courtesy of John Tedesco.
A completely different look for the Herbst Pavilion at Ft. Mason was designed and installed for the Rainforest Action Network's 2008 annual auction. Settings created by John Murray Productions.
Photos courtesy of Anthony Irick.

The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco offers many opportunities for creative lighting. Pictured above are events in the Schwab Room and in the Atrium designed by Phoebus designer Greg Bortolin.
San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art
Photos courtesy of G Bortolin.

San Francisco International Film Festival
Shady Lady designer Jenny B worked with Phoebus to create dramatic lighting for the SF International Film Festival's galas. Pictured above are 2007 and 2008 events at SF City Hall and the St. Francis Hotel.
Effective lighting creates the ambiance that makes tent events succesful. Phoebus has a wide range of experience with tent lighting. Pictured above are some examples; the opening of the new de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, an event on the plaza of the Lawrence Hall of Science in the Berkeley Hills.

Tent Events

San Francisco City Hall
The Classic Beaux Arts architecture of the San Francisco City Hall is a beautiful canvas to paint with light. Phoebus designers and crews are expert at setting up quickly in the historic building and achieving stunning results. Lighting by Greg Bortolin.

Macy's Passport at Fort Mason
Yelp! at the Exploratorium
The Exploratorium in San Francisco hosted Web favorite Yelp's December holiday party. Phoebus's Terry Mullen designed the colorful lighting for this 2008 event

Photos courtesy of Michael Garrett.
2009 San Francisco Film Festival
The vast and gritty parking lot behind Bruno's on Mission St. was transformed for one night into an intimate tent village with entertainment and food vendors for the opening night party of the 2009 festival season. Lighting design by Jennifer Bachofner and Michael Garrett.

San Francisco Design Center
A "Cinderella Wedding" our the client's idea for this summer evening fantasia at the SF Design Center in July. Phoebus designer Terry Mullen created a magical space from light and fabric, fit for a princess for the new bride and groom to celebrate their nuptuals.

California Academy of Sciences
Textured lighting sets the mood for a 2010 event at the new California Academy of Sciences. Event production by Global Gourmet. Lighting Design by Greg Bortolin

Intel at Oracle World
Taylor Associates asked Phoebus to produce the lighting for Intel's stunning booth at the 2010 Oracle World show in San Francisco. The booth was designed by Finn Yonkers and executed by Ntension, with lighting design by Michael Garrett and Terry Mullen.
Photos courtesy of Taylor Assoc.
Photos courtesy of G Bortolin.
Terminal 3 Concourse SFO
For the 2013 rededication of the new United Airlines Concourse in Terminal 3 at SFO, Winslow and Associates asked Phoebus Lighting to create a festive ambiance for the event. Designed by Michael Garrett and Jennifer Bachofner, the lighting highlighted the award winning architectural design of the brand new Concourse for this high profile event.

Photos Michael Garrett
The San Francisco Legion of Honor
The Beautiful Legion of Honor in San Francisco basks in ethereal light. Greg Bortolin created warm and cool looks for a 2013 evening dinner party in the museum.

Photos Greg Bortolin
Club Auto Sport
Lighting and custom gobos transform Club Auto Sport in San Jose for a Hollywood themed Holiday party. Lighting Design by Greg Bortolin.

Phoebus designed and implemented the lighting for the opening of Virgin America's new Terminal 2 at SFO in 2011. Working with Winslow and Associates, Phoebus created unique lighting solutions for the new building, from the entryway to the departure gates. Animated Architecture was brought in to produce large scale projections on the ceiling of the departure hall, including an on time departure to Mars in Virgin's space plane!

Photos Michael Garrett
Photos Greg Bortolin
California Academy of Sciences
Africa Hall at the California Academy of Sciences glows with Greg Bortolin's sublime lighting for a 2014 gala event.

Photos courtesy of G Bortolin.
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