NightShift Family of high brightness Miniature Flashlights

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Batteries Included!
We include with and recommend the use of environmentally friendly mercury free batteries.

 Vinergy AA
Vinergy AA

Evergreen CR-123

NightShift with battery
MSRP: NS-1 $29.00

Length - 2.75"

Lamp - CREE XP-E

Bezel Diameter - 1/2"

Color Temperature - 7000

Weight - less than 1 oz.

Beam - Fixed

Housing - Aluminum 6061-T6

Lamp Life - more than 10,000 hours

Effective Range - 30 yards

Rechargeable - NA

Lumens - 60 Run Time - 65 min. high / 175 hours Firefly
Miniature LED Flashlights
The popular NightShift flashlight fits easily into a pocket or clips to a keychain. Its small size, reliability and long lamp life make it a must-have item in the glove-box, toolbox or purse. Two modes, high and Firefly are selected by twisting the bezel. The new NightShift features a high brightness CREE XP-E LED producing 60 lumens in high mode. It takes a single AAA battery and comes in two colors, black and rose.
NightShift in box
Nightshifts come in a colorful and attractive box, ready to hang from a store peg display system.
The NightShift is available in two colors, black and rose and takes a single AAA battery.

NIghtShift II
The Mighty Midget NightShift II features a 1.5 watt CREE Q2 LED powered by a single CR-123 battery. Unmatched in output for its size, this tiny flashlight will penetrate the darkest shadows for safety and security. Don't leave home without it!

Length - 2 5/8"

Lamp - CREE Q2 LED

Bezel Diameter - 3/4"

Color Temperature - 7000

Weight - 1 oz.

Beam - Fixed

Housing - Aluminum 6061-T6

Lamp Life - 100,000 hours

Effective Range - 60 yards

Rechargeable - NA

Lumens - 100 Run Time - 1/2 hour
MSRP: NS-2-CR $45.00
Nightshift II comes complete with mercury free CR 123 battery and wrist lanyard.

Phoebus Tactical NightShift Miniature LED Flashlights
Reliably bright and compact, these miniature flashlights belong in everyone's purse, glove-box or car. Long run times and high output characterize the NightShift family of miniature flashlights.
NIghtShift III
The NightShift III uses the 1.5 watt CREE Q3 LED powered by a single CR-123 battery. This little light has three modes: High, Low and Strobe. A tactical button switch at the rear of light steps through the modes with a hard or soft touch. A wrist lanyard and one CR-123A battery included.

Length - 3 1/2"

Lamp - CREE Q3 LED

Bezel Diameter - 1"

Color Temperature - 7000

Weight - 2.6 oz.

Beam - Fixed

Housing - HRC 12-25 Type II Anodized

Lamp Life - More than 10,000 hours

Effective Range - 100 yards

Rechargeable - NA

Lumens - 130 High / 65 Low Run Time - 1 1/2 hour High / 15 hrs Low

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