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High brightness compact flashlights with CREE XP-L LEDs

3 models available:
Explorer I & II rechargeables
Explorer III CR-123 non-rechargeable

Horizon G2
Next generation of rugged, high brightness HID illumination tools.
35watt HID super high output hand held Searchlight.

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We include with and recommend the use of environmentally friendly mercury free batteries.

Vinergy AA

Evergreen CR-123


Cordura Belt Pouch

PL-MT/3 Mouse Tail Switch for gun mounting the Lunetta 3

Lunetta 2.2CR shown in the Rail Mount Flashlight Grip mounted on the forward picatinny rail. All flashlight functions are controlled by plunger type switch mounted to the back of the grip.

TGW-2.2CR flashlight grip priced at $190.00 includes the Lunetta 2.2CR and batteries.

Lunetta 5.0 with Quick Release Picatinny Rail Mount and Mouse Tail Switch available as a kit in the on line store.

Quick Release Picatinny Rail Gun Mounts for easy on easy off weapons mounting available in the
on line store.

Lunetta 2.2cr
CREE 2.2 watt LED Tactical Flashlight
The Lunetta 2.2CR non-rechargeable tactical light is the original Lunetta, a proven performer. It uses a high brightness CREE XRE LED with two standard CR123A batteries (included). A rear mounted button switch activates full (100%), low (25%) and strobe modes. The switch steps through the modes sequentially or, if held down, activates the strobe mode. Run time in full brightness mode is up to 3 hours. Accessories available for the 2.2CR include gun mounts, mousetail and momentary switches and a black cordura belt pouch. The Lunetta 2.2CR is also available in a rail mount tactical foregrip configurations, the TGW-2.2CR.

The Lunetta 2.2CR is a great light for those who do not wish to use re-chargeable batteries. Two CR123A batteries provide a long 3 hour continuous run time in the high mode. Lunetta 2.2CR is also available in combination with the TGW-2.2CR grip that can be mounted to a picatinny rail.

MSRP: PL-2.2/CR $85.00

Length - 5.5"


Bezel Diameter - 1.25"

Lumen - 130 full, 35 low

Weight - 5.5 oz.

Beam - Fixed

Housing - HRC 12-25 Type II Anodized

Lamp Life - More than 10,000 hours

Effective Range - 125 yards

Rechargeable - NA

Current - 475mA Run Time - 3 hrs full power / 9 hrs low power

Phoebus Tactical Lunetta Rechargeable LED Flashlights
with CREE high brightness LEDs are CNC machined to the highest specifications. Matte black, aircraft grade, hard annodized finishing provides years of reliable service. Three models are available to fit a variety of needs.

CREE Q5 LED Five Mode Tactical Flashlight
The Lunetta 5.0 is a five mode CREE Q5 high brightness LED tactical flashlight. Lunetta 5 features a rear mounted six step tactical button switch that activates the flashlight in 5 modes
(1) full brightness, (2) half brightness, (3) low brightness, (4) strobe and (5) SOS mode for emergency signaling. In the high brightness mode, the Lunetta 5.0 produces 225 lumens of penetrating white light. The rear mounted tactical button switch steps through the five modes sequentially. Switch can be clicked fully to turn ON, with the next full depression being OFF, or depressed lightly to step through the modes without turning the light off. Run time in full brightness mode is up to 3 hours. The Lunetta 5.0 uses two CR123A batteries (included) and comes with a detachable spring clip and wrist lanyard. With the optional mouse tail switch and mounting hardware, the Lunetta 5 makes an ideal weapon light.
Lunetta 5's compact size fits comfortably in the hand.
Includes a removable clip for attachment to anchor point.
Optional Mouse Tail Switch accesses all five operational modes

MSRP: PL-5.0 $94.00

Length - 5.5"

Lamp - CREE Q5 LED

Bezel Diameter - 1.5"

Lumen - 225 full, 50 low

Weight - 6.5 oz.

Beam - Fixed

Housing - Aluminum T6061-T6

Lamp Life - More than 10,000 hours

Effective Range - 150 yards

Rechargeable - No

Current - 475mA Run Time - up to 3 hrs full / 10 hrs low

Lunetta™ 5.0
Lunetta™ 3
CREE XP-G R5 LED Duty Flashlight
The Lunetta 3 rechargeable duty light uses a CREE XPG R5 in a highly polished reflector producing 300 lumens in high mode for up to 3 hours on a single charge. The CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum 6061-T body and matte black hard anodized finish is slip and weather resistant and splash proof (IXP4). The rear mounted tactical button switch toggles High or Low brightness modes or, by holding switch down, strobe on demand. The light defaults to High mode next when switched off, so it always comes on at 100%. The Lunetta 3 comes complete with one 3.7v. 18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, a battery charger with AC and DC adapters and a belt pouch. It operates with one 18650 battery, two RCR123A batteries, or two CR123A batteries. Also available in the on line store as a kit with rotating fast holster or in a gun light kit which includes a mousetail switch, quick release picatinny mount and a foregrip.
Included with the Lunetta™ 3 is a rechargeable 18650 battery, AC/DC battery charger, battery sizing tube, belt pouch and lanyard
The Lunetta™ 3 has a beefed up tailcap that improves the grip and can serve as a striking surface. Three mode switch resets to Hi mode next whenever it is switched off.

Length - 5.5"


Bezel Diameter - 1.25"

Lumen - 300 / 135

Weight - 5 oz.

Beam - Fixed

Housing - T6061-T6 Type II Anodized

Lamp Life - More than 10,000 hours

Effective Range - 175 yards

Rechargeable - 2 - 2 1/2 hours

Current - 470mA Run Time - 3 hrs full power / 10 hrs low power
MSRP: PL-3 $125.00

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