Long Range Illumination with a Horizon 3500 weapon mount.

Mighty migets for the purse and glove box.

High brightness compact flashlights with high brightness CREE XM-L LEDs

3 models available:
Explorer I & II rechargeables
Explorer III CR-123 non-rechargeable

Horizon G2
Next generation HID illumination tools.

35watt HID super high output hand held Searchlight.

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We include with and recommend the use of environmentally friendly mercury free batteries.

Vinergy AA

Evergreen CR-123


MSRP: PH-35/VMSL $1250.00

Length - 9"

Lamp - 35w HID

Bezel Diameter - 4 5/8"

Color Temperature - 4300K

Weight - 4.8 lbs.

Beam - Fixed

Housing - T6061-T6

Lamp Life - 5000-6000 hours

Effective Range - 1000 yards

Rechargeable - 100% 5 hours

Current - 4400mAh Run Time - 85 minutes
35 watt HID Hand-Held Searchlights
The original Horizon is a rugged, super high output hand-held searchlight producing 3500 lumens in high intensity collated beam. This Horizon is designed for public safety and search and rescue applications in low light and low visibility environments. The gun metal grey casing is aircraft grade hard-anodized aluminum with an integral rail mount for attachment to a vehicle, weapon or tripod.
The Horizon is fully rechargeable with an impressive continuous burn time with full charge of up to 85 minutes.
It comes complete in a high impact plastic case and includes 120 volt AC charger.
The recharge port is located at the rear of unit and protected by a rubber flap. Rear mounted On/Off switch recessed to allow the Horizon to stand upright

The Horizon G2 3500 HID hand-held search light introduces a new generation of portable, high quality, ultra-bright illumination tools. The G2 features an extremely bright 35 watt HID lamp producing 3500 lumens in a high intensity collated beam. The rugged shock resistant G2 is designed for military and professional applications in the most challenging low light and low visibility environments. The hi-tech coating technology used on the reflector insures maximum beam throws and heat radiation protection. An integral arc shield over the HID lamp eliminates beam scatter and ensures a clean beam pattern. The G2 includes Picatinny rail hardware top and bottom for mounting the searchlight to vehicle, heavy weapons or the carry handle. The weatherproof casing is CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum, hard-anodized, O ring sealed with a high transparency optical lens.
The Horizon G2 11.1 volt Lithium polymer battery pack sealed in the rear housing is fully rechargeable through a flap protected port on the rear of the searchlight. The HID lamp is hot restrike; after it has warmed up and switched off it will re-strike instantly at full brightness. On/off tail mounted button switch located on the rear housing has a protective screw cap to guard against unintentional activation.
Burn time with full charge is up to 150 minutes. The G2 comes complete in a high impact plastic case and includes both 120v AC and 12v DC chargers.
On/Off switch is protected by a removable screw cap to prevent accidental activation in the field. Charging port protected by a rubber flap. Remote switch also available.
G2 includes both a 120 volt AC and a 12 volt DC car charger and a detachable carry handle
MSRP: PH-35G2/GMSL $1560.00

Length - 8 1/2"

Lamp - 35w HID

Bezel Diameter - 4 1/2"

Color Temperature - 6500K

Weight - 6.5 lbs.

Beam - Fixed

Housing - T6061-T6

Lamp Life - 5000-6000 hours

Effective Range - 1200 yards

Rechargeable - 100% 9 hours

Current - 9Ah Run Time - 150 minutes
Horizon 3500 comes is a high impact plastic case and includes a 120 volt AC charger.

Download Horizon G2 3500 pdf

Download Horizon 3500 pdf

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