* 10 watt HID lamp
US made K1 bulb is up to 5 times brighter than conventional flashlights

* Rechargeable battery good for over 500 charges

* 110 minute run time.

* Long lamp life
up to 1000 hours

* 7000° Kelvin
color temperature

* Hard anodized lightweight aluminum CNC machined body

*Direct KN charger
3-4 hour charge time

*Water resistant

*Adjustable beam
Locking Ring on bezel fixes beam angle from



* SKB Milspec Case includes the flashlight and table top charger.

* 12v direct car charger

* K1 Tactical holster

* Red, IR, and UV filters

* K500 10 watt lamp

* Shock absorbers

* Back up battery mag
Takes eight CR123 type batteries


Warrior HID Flashlight

The original Microfire Warrior HID tactical flashlight uses a US made Ushio SolArc 10 watt lamp. This rechargeable flashlight has a highly polished reflector and optical glass lens for long distance illumination. Matte black anodized aircraft grade aluminum.

The MicroFire Warrior HID flashlight uses rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries and a miniaturized electronic ballast to produce up to 550 lumens of extremely bright focusable white light capable of illuminating subjects at up to 500 yards. The rugged, water and dust-resistant unit has an CNC machined aircraft-grade aluminum, and a black, hard anodized body with non-slip hand holds. The Warrior is available with an optional SKB Case for secure storage of light and charger.
The Microfire Warrior fits comfortably in the hand or hangs from a belt in the K1 tactical holster which is included.
The Warrior features a very smooth field with a variable beam spread adjustment from 5°-24°.
The locking ring fixes the chosen beam angle firmly in place. Designed for military, police and maritime interdiction, where long-range target identification is a priority, the rechargeable PK-500R Warrior is also well suited for camping, hunting or range management activities.
A battery backup mag with eight CR123 batteries is also available.

High quality tempered glass lens and CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum materials make the rugged Warrior a top choice for Police, Military and Search and Rescue applications
Direct charger plugs into a port on the battery. No need to remove battery to charge.
Deluxe Warrior Kit includes the flashlight, AC and DC charger, spare K1-N Lithium Ion battery and back up CR123 battery mag.
Optional back up battery mag takes eight CR123A batteries.
K1-N Lithium Ion Battery pack can be detached from flashlight or left in place for charging.
MSRP: PK-500R $290.00

Warrior I Specifications

Length - 7.5"

Lamp - K1 HID

Bezel Diameter - 3"

Color Temperature - 7000K

Weight - 18.7 oz.

Lumens - up to 550

Output - 10 watt

Lamp Life - up to 1000 hours

Effective Range - 500 yards

Run time per charge - 110 minutes

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