The Mission Light is and all new hands free illumination tool for pilots, LE, ushers and anyone who needs a controllable light source with finger tip control.

High End HID
& LED Tactical Flashlights


3 models available:
Explorer I & II rechargeables
Explorer III CR-123 non-rechargeable

Horizon G2
35watt HID super high output hand held Searchlight.

Warrior III
H35 watt HID powerhouse for professional use


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Batteries Included!
We include with and recommend the use of environmentally friendly mercury free batteries.

Vinergy AA

Evergreen CR-123

The Phoebus Mission Light
Hands Free Illumination Tool
PML-1 with
Blue, White, Red LEDs
The all new Phoebus Mission Light was developed from an idea generated by a commercial airline pilot. Simply put, the Mission Light puts the light source where you want it with finger tip control. Hands free use allows the user to see, without creating spill that could inhibit night vision. The lamp head and batteries are incased in a poly carbonate shell, which is sheathed in a soft plastic sleeve. An elastic “O” ring, incorporated into the sleeve, wraps around the user’s finger locating the switch below the thumb. The LED source remains cupped beneath the fingers, acting as a light shield. The user does not blind themselves or others when using the light. Perfect for pilots, military or camping.
The Phoebus Mission Light is available in five brightly hued silicon skins as well as black and glow-in the-dark. It comes complete with one set of 1632 batteries in the light plus an extra set. Battery and skin kits available as accessories.

MSRP: ML-1 $27.50

Length - NA

Lamp - Multicolor LED

Bezel Diameter - NA

Color Temperature - NA

Weight - .6 oz

Beam - Fixed at 50°

Housing - Polycarbonate with silicon skin

Lamp Life - 10,000 hours

Effective Range - 6'

Rechargeable - NA

Current - NA Run Time - 3 hrs. constant / 10 hr. intemittent

The Phoebus Mission Light with Glow-in-the-Dark skin

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